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We’re building the First Offline Crypto platform , giving you the freedom to send , receive, swap, trade your Coins without internet connexion


The World's first Crypto Platform

Instant access to billions of mobile phones


Start Texting Cash Anywhere in the World

Here are a few reasons why you should choose AlloHash

Phone Service

All-Inclusive Cloud Phone System with Voice , SMS & MMS

Crypto everywhere

One Wallet for every SIM card, in every country.

Instant Swap

Best way to swap any Crypto Without internet connection.

Instant access to billions of mobile phones , The location, status, and internet connectivity charges will no longer matter.

Makes sending and receiving Crypto anywhere in the world simple and cheap. We have no borders nor should you.

We make commerce and spreading adoption so easy you can just phone it in. no apps, no setup , just a text & call.

AlloHash Doesn't require you to download an app,install a program or setup a thing.

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